About this typing course

This free typing course is for young and old. You can learn to type very quickly and easily here, and registration is not necessary. You can get started right away!


Everyone can learn to type for free and easily and the technique can help beautifully with that!


Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler!


It must have been around the year 2000 that my father decided he wanted to learn how to type blind with 10 fingers. He drew a keyboard on paper and began to practice on it with the help of an instruction book, once used by my brother in the distant past.

As an IT specialist, I realized that it should be possible to do this much more conveniently, and I built a first version of what would later become typelesonline.nl. The starting point was (and still is): In short exercises, systematically finish the most important keys on the keyboard as quickly as possible and then acquire typing skills in daily practice.

To my surprise my father, a true digital literate, completed all exercises within 3 weeks after which he was able to touch type! Then I expanded the website further and it has become what it is now.

Storage of data:

In order to keep the website as fast and stable as possible, no visitor data is stored.

However, cookies are used that are stored on the visitor's system, for example to temporarily store settings such as the keyboard and the last successfully completed exercise.

These cookies are also used to analyze data traffic and to show targeted advertisements.